• Hacı Hikmet KİLER


    The meaning of life is being remembered in a good way. İbn’ül Emin Mahmut Kemal (Mahmut Kemal - son of Emin)

    I am establishing this Foundation in order to ensure that children and young people grow up as knowledgeable, civilized, skilled people with strong national and spiritual values, who adopt the scientific thinking method at every stage of their education and training.

    June 12, 2007, Hikmet Kiler

    He was born on January 11, 1941 in Bitlis. He retired from TEKEL Cigarette Factory in 1981, where he started working at the age of 15. Hikmet Kiler, who started his commercial life by establishing a Grocery Store in Bitlis, emigrated to Istanbul with his family in 1984.

    Hikmet Kiler, who gave the responsibility of his commercial activities to his sons Nahit, Vahit and Umit Kiler after 1994, is the founder of Kiler Holding Companies. “Hikmet Kiler Foundation”, established within the body of Kiler Holding, continues its activities with its services in the field of education.

    Considering "sharing" as the basic principle as well as production during commercial activities, Kiler Holding believes that Turkey cannot develop without education. Therefore, it gathered all of its social responsibility and cooperation projects under the umbrella of the Hikmet Kiler Foundation, which was established in 2007. The main goal of the Foundation is to ensure that our children grow up as knowledgeable, civilized and skilled people, who adopt scientific thinking methods at every stage of their education and training lives, and thus to give them the chance to have a Job.